ShahadahProject - Dr Zakir Naik Uk Ban Evidence 3 - Islam Prohibits Killing Of Innocent Human Beings


Evidence of Dr. Zakir Naik at the Manchester Evening News in 2006 openly condeming acts of terrorism on twin towers 9/11, July 7/7 bombing in London - Islam prohibits killing of innocent human beings. Evidence in reference to the unjust exclusion from entering UK by Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May. Appeal: Please register your protest by sending emails and letters to UK High Commission condemning the UK Home department for their decision to exclude Dr. Zakir Naik to enter UK&canceling his Visa. For more information please log on to: MOCKERY OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION This is with reference to an exclusion order issued to Dr Zakir Naik by the British Home Office, UK Border Agency, dated 16th June 2010. Dr Zakir Naik, the illustrious and eminent speaker from Mumbai, India, is respected and revered throughout the world for his enlightening and convincing efforts promoting similarities between major faiths based on converging values for a common platform of Peace, using the binding commonalities that exist between the religious scriptures including the Bible, Vedas, Torah and Glorious Qur'an. Following on from recent malicious and specious reports in the British media about the work of Dr Zakir Naik, we are disappointed to learn the British Government has decided to exclude him from visiting the United Kingdom to conduct a Peace Conference Tour between 25th-27th June 2010. It is deeply regrettable the British Government has bowed to pressure...
Dr. Zakir Naik
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