Shaykha - Maysoor: Arabic, Lesson 04 (Hamzatul wasl/qat3) - Part 02


Maysoor are proud to present the fourth in a series of learning Arabic tutorials. This video explores how to use the demonstrative pronoun (thaalika) and covers the rules pertaining to the solar and lunar letters. It also looks at the difference between hamzatul wasl and hamzatul Qat3.In Lesson 03, we looked at the demonstrative pronoun (haatha) and it's rules. In this lesson, we will examine another demonstrative pronoun (ismul eshaarah) "thaalika".In the Arabic alphabet, some letter are considered to be from the solar letters (al huruuf al shamsiyyah) and some letters are considered to be from the lunar letters (al huruuf al qamariyyah). This video looks at some of those letters and the rules relating to them.*For a list of the solar and lunar letters, please refer back to Madinah Book 1, towards the end of Lesson 03 (page 19).Hamzatul wasl is very common in the Arabic language as is Hamzatul Qat3. This video looks at some of the rules relating to them and provides some examples for you to benefit from.This video has been produced in conjunction with Al Madinah Students 2010.
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