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The number of new cases of Coronavirus cases recorded on Friday in Florida


A total of 4,049 new Co-19 patients recorded on Friday in Florida have been registered as of May 01, 2014.


It is said that the number of restaurants, bars, gymnasiums and other public gatherings is evidence that the virus is regenerating.


According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of more than 30,000 people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the country yesterday was also a record.


Nationwide, over 2.3 million people have been infected, and the number of deaths has so far surpassed 120,000.


The number of President Donald Trump's massive investigations is bad; Therefore, the investigation should be reduced.


The report also noted that the number of CoV-19 patients has increased in many states.


The death toll in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona is also said to be recovering.


Florida's health sector has seen more than 409 deaths since yesterday, totaling more than three thousand in its purchase.


In a press release issued by state senator Ronald Dion Desaneth in Florida, the Daily Mail reports that journalists are trying to keep an eye out for new cases of the virus.

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