The Egyptian threw his wife from the 5th floor



According to information received by the Arab News today, the Egyptian husband is shocked to learn that he was shot from a 5th floor apartment where his Egyptian wife lived.

His 25-year-old wife also survived and neighbors took her to the hospital. It is also known that Sergeant worked on her backbone.

The husband who committed the horrific act was arrested and police launched an investigation. In the information he gave to the police, he and his wife had been arguing for a long time and decided to separate. The tension was exacerbated after police confirmed that his wife had been infected with corona and told police he was afraid he would not get infected. My wife was checked 3 times and made sure she had 3. I asked her to leave the house, but she said no. The police are waiting and waiting for his wife, Dana and Quartin, to give up her testimony and file a lawsuit in court.

Dr. Ali Mazidad, an orthopedic surgeon who is treating Ayman Shamms University Hospital, said, "We are in a joint position with the quarantine unit for treating the patient." He said the infection has stopped but it may take months for her cough and spinal cord to recover. The situation indicates that domestic violence against women is likely to continue due to the Corona virus. This has continued to intensify not only in Egypt but throughout the world.

Addis Mieraf
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