The Israeli army kills a young Palestinian while on his way to his sister's wedding



Ahmad Erekat, a 28-year-old Palestinian man, was on his way to pick up his sister from a beauty salon ahead of her wedding tonight when he was shot dead by Israeli soldiers at a West Bank checkpoint


It was just a few hours before the wedding, when Iman Erekat was yelling at her mother's cell phone at Bethlehem's salon.
She wants to hear her mother tell them that her son is outside and ready to take them home. Instead, the voice on the other side heard the terrible news that her son had been killed.
While on his way to capture his mother, his 27-year-old mother, his mother, Abraham, he was killed by the Israelite forces at Beth Israel and the Erax family in the city of Abbott, east of Jerusalem.
In a statement, Israeli police said Ahmed had attempted to kill armed Israeli police who were stationed at the checkpoint. A female soldier reportedly suffered minor injuries and was taken to a Jerusalem hospital.

Addis Mieraf
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