To import cars from Saudi Arabia


The term "vehicle" is dry, sewage, or refrigerator, fitted truck or tailored for special use Similar cars: Pick-Up, any type of station wagon, is off the public road
Out-of-state service (Tom Car), bus, minibus, cover It includes a Delverry van and a motorcycle. "Bus" means a person with at least 30 seats, excluding folding chairs Transportation is a vehicle.
 "Minibus" means no less than 10 and not more than 15 except for folding chairs. It is a passenger car with a seat.

"Pipe" means 2WD or 4WD, if the slider size is in the Oromia special zone around Addis Ababa and Addis Ababa, not more than 4; Up to 1500 kg It is a vehicle. Up to 5000 kg It's a cover truck. 
6) "Truck" means a load capacity of 5000 kg, including the trailer. It's a vehicle above. 7) "Vehicle Used for Special Service" means vehicles that require special features in the field and are not used for regular transportation.
3 8) "Motorcycle" means a two-wheeled vehicle irrespective of the motor capacity.


Addis Mieraf
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