Umm ayman (Barakah) ኡሙ አይመን (በረካ) By Neima Mestofa



Full history of umu Aymen (bereka) in Amharic Barakah, daughter of Tha'alaba bin Amr, known as Umm Ayman, was Abyssinian slave girl of Abdullah ibn Abdul-Muttalib or his wife Aminah. Since Aminah died, Umm Ayman looked after her son, Muhammad, until he grown up... also she is the second mother of prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)የነብዩ ሙሃመድ (ሰ.አ.ወ) ሁለተኛ እናት የሆነችዉ ኡሙ አይመን ወይንም በረካ ሙሉ ታሪክ::

Neima Mestofa
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