United Nations Security Council Meeting On Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam



Today, the Security Council of the United Nations will soon discuss the Renaissance Dam. Interestingly, he sees the matter under the 'African peace and security' agenda. Everyone knows that the Renaissance is a water dispute, not a war. Egypt and the United States have put it under this agenda, so that it can impose sanctions on Ethiopia if the agreement is not reached within two weeks. Ironically, the current Security Council is in favor of this and that our diplomats are not strongly opposed.

By the way, we must believe that we are facing defeat in the field of diplomacy. One of the reasons for this is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' patronage. While it is appropriate that the Ministry of Water should play a leading role in the technical negotiations, Pressing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has slowed the pace of diplomacy. It is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that took the lead in addressing this issue. If we still do not fix it quickly, we will have worse failure. Think it!

Addis Mieraf
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