US Police Arrest South Sudanese Not Knowing He's Fbi Agent



US Police Arrest South Sudanese Not Knowing He's Fbi Agent

They were about to tie him without knowing that he was an agent for FBI. It is true! Some police officers in the U.S. are ill-prepared for the job they are supposed to do with humility, humanity, and empathy. This is because they are not well-trained. Policing was supposed to be an honorable community service. But the police, as an institution, was also built to oppress, dehuminize, and crush the 'inferior' others.

Little has been done to reform it. And yet, a lot has been done to ensure that abusive trigger happy police officers are heavily armed and enjoy impunity even when they commit heinous racist crimes in broad daylight.

he feeling of entitlement and racism work in tandem. After all, racism doesn’t exist without its true believers who wholeheartedly feel that they are entitled to claim privileges and special treatment at the expense of "inferior" human beings.

Sadly, the combined effects of the two are derailing and overshadowing the great progress and stride that America has made since the Civil Rights Movement. Make no mistake about it. Racism is deeply embedded in the hearts and psyche of some sections of society despite the fact that it has significantly lost its legal and institutional justifications.

It is at least good that in this day and age, racism is also being exposed and caught red-handed in horrendous acts of terror. As Will Smith was once quoted as saying: “Racism is not getting worse. It is only being filmed.” That is exactly the reason why the horrors of racism are being broadcast live across the world.

A few weeks ago the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year old black man, came to light thanks to a video recorded by one of the assailants who chased him in a Georgia neighborhood. He was hunted down and shot by a retired white police officer and his son.

Two videos that put racism on trial went viral yesterday. The first one showed us what the feeling of being entitled looks like. A white woman hysterically called cops on a black man who only told her to leash her dog as per the rule in Central Park, New York City.

Addis Mieraf
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