[Video] seven-months-pregnant black woman thrown to the ground and put in an arm lock by Paris



"I didn't chase them, I didn't beat them; I didn't understand why they put them on the floor," she told the news site. When I see this footnote, I have to cry. I saw the images in my head. '

The image starts with the SNCF agent saying, "Don't kill me" by returning a heavily pregnant woman to the site.

She kept saying, "Don't kill me."

When the agent and coworker put her on the floor, she screamed in agony.

When her husband talks, he can hear her partner try to say 'let's go'.

Then he added: 'Let her alone. She is pregnant.

He tries to intervene, but other SNCF railway safety agents stop him from doing so.

When her husband tries to intervene again, she can scream and hit the security agent that she has placed on my wrists.

A male voice clearly told his representatives: “She is pregnant! She's pregnant! I swear to God. She is pregnant! '


The woman's partner tries to intervene again, but the agents catch him.

Three SNCF agents filed a complaint.

Datu was taken to a hospital where she was seven months pregnant and was jailed for several hours before being released on bail.

She will return to trial on August 25 in a case involving violence against the three security forces.

Her 30-year-old husband was arrested and he will appear in court on August 25 to rebel.

Addis Mieraf
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