Zemedkun Bekele's Shameful Personality



Who is behind Zemedkun's relative Since they are speaking clearly, the purpose of both is clear. "In Merkato, there is a business sector that is controlled by Muslims who do not belong to Christianity. "Do not buy from Islam" The tongues of priests and deacons lured the relative Islamic Restaurant on Gojjam Counsel of the Prime Minister Daniel Crabt ---- East Gojam responded with a bonfire! Choosing the mosques of the mosque, he opened fire and danced! ----

Listen, my Muslim businessman is in the hands of Allah. It is not our issue whether they buy it or not. The problem is another. Jealousy and jealousy are dangerous diseases. It is cancer. The irresponsible deacons and priests are often relieved to see the Muslims in the morning while they are hating the Muslims. Do you not see that they burned the building and property of Muslims and burned it in a red color? I'm not threatening you I am telling you that it is an active ingredient: ህ Two types have the same plan


Addis Mieraf
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