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Are you tired of all negative concepts that are attributed to Islam in the recent past (i.e. terrorism, violence, oppression, abuse, extremism and others) and you don't know how to answer them, Or Do you often find yourself saying "practicing Islam is too difficult "Or think that you can't perform Friday prayers because you will lose your Job? Or that you can only learn Islam in a Muslim country? Or that you can't be like the Sahabah?Well this conference aims to clear up the numerous misconceptions that have been linked to Islam and discuss the true nature of this religion.In addition this conference also seeks to empower Muslims living in west to be in a better position to deal with these issues and gain more strength in practicing their religion.October 9th-11th, 2009Fri: 6pm-10pmSat-Sun: 11am- 10pmAdmission: $10Location @ Abu Huraira CenterWe ask you and your family to Join us as we explore Islam Beyond Modern Myths , and please take time to invite your non-Muslim friends, neighbors and co-workers to be among our audience in some of the lecturesFor more information, visit http://www.abuhuraira.org or email info@abuhuraira.org
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