Saudi King Ordered to send 50 Million Dollars For Muslims of Burma

Saudi Arabia gave 50 million dollars in aid to Muslim brethren in Myanmar. The Muslim community in Myanmar is allegedly being harassed and persecuted by majority Buddhist population.

Saudi Arabia’s King Shah Abdullah has issued special directives for the aid to be provided to Rohingiyas community in Myanmar. Human rights activists say the authorities have been targeting the community since June for multiple reasons. Tens of thousands of Rohingiyas have also migrated to the neighboring Bangladesh to protect their lives and properties. However, they are not safe in Bangladesh as well because the government has barred different charity organizations from helping the community. Despite the public pressure, Bangladeshi government is not ready to accommodate the refugees.

Myanmar security forces have also been targeting the community. Human Rights Watch said on August 1 that Rohingiyas had suffered mass arrests, torture and rape at the hands of the security forces. Saudi Arabia believes that financial assistance would help the community to lead their lives in the battered country. Why the community is being targeted in Myanmar? What is the actual problem and how can it be resolved? These are the questions that demand a comprehensive answer from any analyst. So I’m trying my best to put all the things straight on the record.

There are more than 800,000 Rohingiyas living in Myanmar. The problem is the government of the volatile country is not ready to recognize them as citizens. So, anarchy comes automatic when government of a country denies recognizing a certain group of people as its citizens. In June this year, a massive crackdown was launched against Rohingiyas in Rakhine state and they were forced to leave the country. Women and young girls were raped, while a number of houses of the community were also set ablaze. The minority is suffering at the hands of the Buddhist majority, while security agencies of the state are collaborating with criminals. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is going to hold a summit in Mecca on Tuesday wherein the issue would be raised.

The international community should also play a role in ending discrimination against Rohingiyas. Muslims across the globe feel that world powers only raise voice against human rights violations when something wrong is committed against Christians and Jews. There is need to change the perception, as it could seriously damage credibility of the world powers including the United States.

StephenManual is based in New York City, New York, United States of America, and is a Reporter for Allvoices.
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