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Game for Kid

  • Popular Games - Ultimate Cricket

    Games - Ultimate Cricket

    by Administrator Added 1,379 Views / 1 Likes

    Gear up to claim the world title in a true test of supreme cricket!Follow the instructions in the game.

  • Popular Games - Bumpy Racer

    Games - Bumpy Racer

    by Administrator Added 1,349 Views / 0 Likes

    Get ready for the bumpy ride... Play single player or Multi-Player unlock new levels and unlock new cars.Use Arrow keys to drive and space bar for nitro and Press P for pause.

  • Popular Games - Delusion Puzzle

    Games - Delusion Puzzle

    by Administrator Added 1,359 Views / 0 Likes

    Delusion puzzle is a new kind of game, which can be very hard to complete. You must turn all the round tiles to the purple squares. Click on them to swap places and get all the purple ones. Do it as quickly as you can, because the time is running. You wil

  • Popular Games - Zoozy Pop Quattro

    Games - Zoozy Pop Quattro

    by Administrator Added 1,259 Views / 0 Likes

    Zoozy Pop has gone to the extreme with four whale-paddles at once! Try to remove all those cute little animals from the screen while juggling all four whales with your bouncing acorn. Another "Silly Little Flash Game" from nonsoft.netBounce the acorn off

  • Popular Games - Animal Pop 2 Holiday Edition

    Games - Animal Pop 2 Holiday Edition

    by Administrator Added 1,434 Views / 0 Likes

    The Holiday version of Animal Pop is back as you now juggle two paddles while trying to bounce the golden ball off of the animals and compete for a high score. Another "Silly Little Flash Game" from nonsoft.netBounce the ball off the cute little animals a

  • Popular Games - Super Sixers 2

    Games - Super Sixers 2

    by Administrator Added 1,360 Views / 1 Likes

    Time to get set and make your team win!Use arrow keys to position batsman. Space when ready and once again to strike the ball.

  • Popular Games - GMW Car Race

    Games - GMW Car Race

    by Administrator Added 1,301 Views / 1 Likes

    Race your car in three laps logging minimum time.Use A/W/S/D keys or arrow keys to move your car.

  • Popular Games - Big heads: Soul of the sword

    Games - Big heads: Soul of the sword

    by Administrator Added 1,489 Views / 0 Likes

    Compared with last edition(Jue决), we add one more character. There are 4 competitors to fight against with. The last boss is yourself but in gray color, with very strong AI.Relax mode: W/A/S/D to move. J/K/L to punch. U/I/O to skill attack. 7/8/9 to enhan

  • Popular Games - Kittens VS Zombies

    Games - Kittens VS Zombies

    by Administrator Added 1,239 Views / 0 Likes

    It is just a simple game that somebody at school told me to make and i had a spare 5 minutes so i thought i would make this just to see if the concept of kittens vs zombies is popular, if you like the idea rate it for that and not the game and post a comm

  • Popular Games - Super Pass Football

    Games - Super Pass Football

    by Administrator Added 1,305 Views / 0 Likes

    Authentic arcade football game simulation. Beautifully rendered 3d imagery, awesome music , and realistic ball throwing physics all come together to give the player as close to an arcade experience as possible without actually having to go to one.Load foo

  • Popular Games - Ninja Jump

    Games - Ninja Jump

    by Administrator Added 1,450 Views / 0 Likes

    1 click the ninja to jump. 2 more combo jump ,more score. 3 classic mode and arcade mode 4 SPACE pause or resume game1 click the ninja to jump. 2 more combo jump ,more score. 3 classic mode and arcade mode 4 SPACE pause or resume game

  • Popular Games - 大头鬼之剑魂之怒

    Games - 大头鬼之剑魂之怒

    by Administrator Added 1,604 Views / 0 Likes

    这是《Jue决》的续作,重命名为《大头鬼》系列,本作的中文名字是《大头鬼之 剑魂之怒》。增加了新人物,关卡数增多了,AI也提高了很多。增加蓄气系统,每 个人都改进了动作,并且新增了很多必杀技。希望大家喜欢。傻瓜模式: W/A/S/D 移动. J/K/L 轻、中、重拳. U/I/O 必杀技. 7/8/9 蓄气必杀技. M 复仇必杀技. 专业模式: W/A/S/D 移动. J/K/L 轻、中、重拳. ↓ → + J/K/L 必杀技. ↓ → ↓ → + J/K/L 蓄气必杀技. ← → ← → + L 复仇必