• hikma

    may ALLAH blees us with hidaya.
    i read your post with great desire and I understand your point of view. Nevertheless, i have kept my view in a different way, as I do not sympathies with the view of political Islam; I believe there is more to the effort you try to mention, than what I read in the Ethiopian Muslim media out lets.
    My biggest premonition is that may possibly be orchestrated to divide the Muslim umma, grow weaker furthermore keep them busy combating against each other, consecutively to safeguard orthodox Christianity as a sole religious powerhouse of Ethiopia.
    Saying the above, I also entertain second opinion, that is, the difference between the Muslim schools of thoughts; the problem can be initiated from the versions of the mezhabs or differences on translation of the main source of guidance for Islam the Quran and haddis and this has been exploited for political and religious reasons.
    As I recall before I left Ethiopia, long time ago, there use to be a lot of disagreement around mosques, people use to complain about the wahabys destroying the long existing Islamic right path.
    When I visited Ethiopia recently, I have noticed this division had blown up out of proportion; also, I noticed more wehaby clique growing fast in number and the sufi /suni followers seen better days in number and have no major role in the interaction of the Muslim society.
    when i ask why this is happening I have been told the wahaby leaders receive financial support from the Arab countries mainly Saudi Arabia and the sufi sheikh have get no financial backer or the knowhow of today’s technology and this played against their advantage, honestly i was sad to hear that, because i grew up loving and respecting the sheikhs who have contributed a lot to the muslim umma and i believe they deserve better than this. one thing i know about those people is that they’re good in solving problems and naturally gifted to put situations under control before they grow evil in other words they have hikma.
    i grew up among people who have a great appreciation for the messenger of ALLAH /sww/. i missed sitting in hadra/ gathering and listening to qisa /Islamic teachings and their heart warming menzuma. during my last visit I have been told that’s haram it is bidaa, i remember my niece she was angry with me so badly because she have seen me buying some menzuma cd to, but the family told me she is in to the wahaby way of school, nothing i can do except telling her Resul ALLAH/sww educated us to stay in the middle course not to be in the extreme or lug behind, so i told her not to behave aggressively as it is counterproductive. this kind of bashing the sheikhs and undermine their effort is counter productive instead we could have try hard to learn from them.

  • Hidaya Adil

    it was a noble idea to solve problems with hikma. You are absolutely right we could solve the problem had it been between muslims. To understand the inner core or the nuclius of the problem I will take you to the very begining of the issue. Before all this movement starts, majority of the muslim comunity was willing not to confront the goverrnment. If you remember in the previous election considerable portion of the muslim comunity voted for EPRDF. This direction is sellected to hamonize with the govenment, though almost all muslim activists know the evil intension of the government in general and the leading core in particular.Regardless of this effort, the govrnment continue its mishievious conspirecy on muslims. Its mischieve has extended in creating different factions among the muslims. Musims have no objection if any sect or religion comes to Etiopia and prpagates its belief. "our Government" did not only gave permision to import Ahbash, but also financed it, gave it full political back up and allowed it to dominate the muslim comunity. The Ahbash Group boldly went further to call meetings and shamlesly declared that Ethiopian muslims were not following the "right path" of Islam". In their meetings they asked them to take shehada as if they reverts. Those who attend the meeting and "the training" are paid allownces. Those who question the Aahbash path are labled extrimists/terrorists. Immagine in Ethiopia the Ahbash decides who can vote to ellect mejlis. Without shame they declared that only only those who pass through Ahbash training will be elected to be Imams and Muazins. Imagine when Ahbash denys muslims their basic elementery right to select thier Imams, the government, the so called "deffender" of the conustitution, was was playing the leading roll in ruining and dismantling of the constitution. Some of the training participant who try to boycote the meeting were arrested and/or intimidated by the government forces. This condition left no option to muslims. Fortunately, the illegal majlis provocatively put the Aweliya students in to their movement to save closure of their school. The student movement acted as sparking point for the peaceful movement of Ethiopian muslims. The Ethiopian muslims raised very elementary questions such as :
    1-Please don't impose Ahbash on Ethiopian Muslims by force. The Government must refrain from intervention in relijious afairs.
    2 - We must elect our mulim leaders freely in our mesjid and
    3 - Let Aweliy college be adminstered by a board elected from the mulim community.

    Infact non fo thee quetions were dificultto answer for the government. Rather, the government intensionally try lead them to violence. It arrested elected muslim leadres. Falsely lable them to be "terorists". Any muslim unless serves the governments mischieves will not safely function the muslims. A a result of this The muslim movement leaders are forced to go underground. Unless some one is blinded by government propagnda or intensionally undermin the muslim movement this situation is cristal clrear. If you are still insisting to advise us to bring our muftih to confront the government, it will be "doron siyamognuat bemechagna chanuat"
    The current intension of the government is three fold:-
    1 - To irritate and frastrate the mulims and immotionally start violent straggle.
    2 - If muslims started violent straggle, the governmet thinks that it can uset this termoil aa a justification and convince the American government to get full financial and military aids.
    3 - The government is working day and night to create conflict between Ethiopian muslims nd Christian. This is the government strattegy to subistitute the dying tribal based divide and rule system. The government is very eager to push the muslim movement to violence in order to intimidate our chritian brathers and take the government as the only savious.
    All this effort i the extend its short lifed hegemony corruption.
    However, all ethiopian muslims are moving hand in hand to erradicate this brutal and greedy government.

    Ethiopia will be a Free Democratic land for its poeple regardless of religion and etnicity.
    All Tigrians are our brothers. we will focus and target our straggle to the ledership of EPRDF.
    The Almighty Allah lead us to the right path. Amin.

  • ethio love

    It is really amazing report ..We all need to work out in our freedom !!!!!!

  • hikma

    i am an ethiopian muslim i leave far away from home and the news i hear can not show me the whole picture of the cause to start this mess, i understand there is the issue of mejlis but that alone should not be a reason to creat such a huge opposition, i have a suspition that there is anothere reason that is hidden from the public, could that be the difference between the sufi and wahabi akida/creed if so for every islamic disagreement there is an islamic solution, the solution is in our hands our quraan and hadis also our mind/delilul akhil. have this solution been considered, we could have saved our energy to apply it in other important issues. i am sure we still have our sheikhs not the internet sheikhs but the skeikhs who preserved the authentic islamic way in our country give them a chance to involve they will apply their wisedom with conviction,