BILAL TUBE - Taking mediators to Allah


Scattered Pearls (15) Taking mediators to Allahprogram withShaikh: Abdulrahman DimashqiahA journey with selected verses from the Holy Qur\'anSheikh \'Abdur Rahman Dimashqiah is one of the most renowned scholars of Ahlus Sunnah residing in the West. He specialises in the fields of \'Aqeedah (Islamic Theology and Belief) and Deviant Sects.Firm upon the Qur\'an and Sunnah, he is a graduate from Imam Muhammad ibn Sa\'ud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he attained his Bachelors Degree in Islamic Studies. He also has a Masters Degree in Islamic Studies from Al-Wifaq University in Pakistan and a PhD in Islamic Studies from the American Open University. He has published many books and is well known for his lectures and his speciality of debates. His works include:• Encyclopaedias of Biblical verses for Muslim• Let the Bible Speak• Let Us Reason Together (A dialogue with Christians from my heart and Towards A better Methodology of inviting people to Islam)• Let Us Remember Allah• Life After Death• Supplications & Prayers• The World We Are Heading To• True Belief a Pre-Condition for Salvation• Why We Live & Where We GoHe currently resides in the UK as an Imam and travels regularly delivering courses and lectures around the country as well as conducting lectures and debates online using PalTalk.
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