BT - Allahu Akber Aljazeera report about the Historic EID protest of Ethiopian Muslims.


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Dimtsachen Ysema Tegel Video
Aljazeera, report, about, the, Historic, EID, protest, of, Ethiopian, Muslims.
  • tico

    አላሁ አክበር....አላሁአክበር....አ

  • raya abadura

    Rabbiin ummata isilaama tophiyaa kuffaara jalaa bilisa haa baasu allaahu akbar allaahu akbar

  • i hate no one in this world

    this got me in tears with out even knowing why.wellahi these peeps will get the crown and somebody will lose his dignity ,,,we are united, respectfull,decent,clever,smart,rich,happy,cl ean,and patient!!!!!!!these are the reason why we are gonna get the crown and victory!!!!!allah yetebkachu

  • Abubeker

    Jezakelah bilal tube alah yirdachuh

  • feteh felagi

    jzk bilaltube