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Bad breath solution on natural way
About the ingredients a brief explanation
- [ ]

Parsley is a popular folk remedy for bad breath. Its fresh scent and high chlorophyll content suggest that it can have a deodorizing effect. Studies (not done on human breath, however) have shown that parsley can effectively combat foul sulfur compounds.

- [ ] Lemon: Rinse your mouth with lemon water two to three times a day. A tablespoon of lemon juice in a cup of water can help neutralize onion breath. The citric acid in the lemon contains antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria that causes bad breath. Just be careful not to let the citric acid sit on the teeth.

- [ ] Cloves can also help freshen your breath instantly and make it kiss-ably sweet. Another advantage with cloves is that they help fight bad bacteria in your mouth that can cause cavities. So, simply suck on a few cloves a few times a day.

የዚህ ቻናል ዋነኛ አላማው ማንኛውም ሰው በቀላሉ ጤነኛና ተመጣጣኝ,..
በዋጋቸውም ኢኮኖሚ የማይጎዱ የኑሮ ስልቶችን በሰፊው በየትኛውም አለም ላሉ ኢትዮጵያውያን በ አማርኛ እያዘጋጀን በሳምንት አንድ ቪድዮ እንማራለን
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