Cameroonian Pastor Dies of COVID Panic Grips Faithful After


President Francois Ndifor, a popular Cameroonian pastor and candidate for the final election of Central African elections, has lost hundreds of supporters after prayers for the healing of the Coronavi virus. Cameroon police used force to reach the gate of their economic capital, Douala, to allow some of his supporters to pray for the resurrection.

Hundreds of followers on Sunday morning in the residence of Nagpur Dulala, the man is not a man called prophet, but he is in the spiritual care of God and will soon return. Their songs and prayers have been broadcast on several local radio stations.

Ndifor died and was cremated in Cameroon's COVID-19 Response Team on Saturday in Douala.

According to dispatches sent by Dua, Dr. Gula Nagor died less than a week after being diagnosed with COVID-19. He said bodies had problems. The priest died less than 10 minutes after receiving the treatment.

Addis Mieraf
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