Covid 19 Situation Explained in Detail


Italy was advised to take precautionary measures before it became entangled with the Corona virus. In the first weeks after the virus was discovered, the spread of the virus and its death quickly, the world's focus was not on China, but on its own. Currently, the virus has spread to every continent, from Asia to Europe, America and Africa. Today, China and its government have paid a huge price for its control over the virus, and its people and government have made a great sacrifice. According to the Johns Hopkins University, 81,507 people have been infected with the virus, of which 3,274 have died.

China's response to the spread of the virus was to completely shut down the city where the virus was first discovered. Next, she spent less than two months shutting down all the areas where the virus was found, limiting population movement, closing schools and factories for a short time.

Health workers from China, Cuba, and other countries have arrived in Italy to reverse the scandal that has caused Italy to slow down its disease, but Italy has lost more than 600 people in just one day.
Italy's Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, described Italy's situation as a serious crisis after World War II.
According to Johns Hopkins University's Coronavirus Map, hundreds of new cases are being recorded every day. In 34 countries in Africa, the virus has been documented, with more than 1400 cases being infected. Dr. Tedros advised that this number, which seems to be small compared to other continents, should be avoided.
Addis Mieraf
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