Elschnapola - Inspirations I : Building the Foundations (17) - Why faith is important in our lives?


Inspirationsprogram with Shaikh: Moutasem Al-HameediThe program is concerned with the biography (seerah) ofProphet Mohammadpeace and blessing be upon himInspirations I 1-30"Inspirations: Building the Foundations"(2006 / 2007)Inspirations II 1-134Name: Moutasem al-HameedyEducation* Has studies at al-Albaani Center since 2001* Studies under the prominent students of Sheikh al-Albaani:Sheikh Mashhoor Hasan (Hadeeth and Usool al-Fiqh)Sheikh Ali al-Halabi (Hadeeth and Aqeeda)Sheikh Hussain al-Awaaysha (Fiqh and Manners)Shekih Abu Suhaib (Imaam at Wise Islamic Centre in the UK)Sheikh Ayman as-Saadiq (Arabic grammar and morphplogy)Dr. Malik Sha'ban (Aqeedah, Tafseer)Work in Da'wa:* Imaam and lecturer at Ibn Taymiyyah Mosque (London, UK)* Imaam and lecturer at Call to Islam Islamic Centre (Luton, UK)* Lectured at British universities and schools on Islam.* TV shows preparer and presenter, Huda TV.Areas of interest:* Usool al-fiqh* Mutalah al-Hadeeth* Seerahhttp://www.rasoulallah.net/v2/index.aspx?lang=enWho is Muhammad (PBUH)?By Yusuf Estes, Former Christian Preacher :http://rasoulallah.net/v2/document.aspx?lang=en&doc=452
English Da'awa
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