Idrisabkar - Emotional Surah Qiyaamah By Idris Abkar. Heart Trembling Voice!


This is a beautiful, emotional recitation of Surah Qiyaamah. MashaAllah this man has an amazing voice which makes your heart tremble. (In relation to verse 29) In the statement 'and one shank is intertwined with the other shank,' the word saq means 'shank'. This statement could mean that, being agitated and restless, he strikes one shank on the other, or rubs one shank against the other. It could also signify that if one leg is placed on the other, and the dying person wants to move it, he would not be able to do so. [Sha'bi and Hasan have interpreted it in this way]. Sayyidna Ibn 'Abbas says that the two 'shanks' refer to the two worlds: the Here and the Hereafter. The verse signifies 'the last day of the days of this world and the first day of the days of the Hereafter; one affliction will be joined to another, and the agony of leaving this world will be joined to the agony of the punishment awaiting the disbeliever in the next world'. And Allah knows best!
Sheikh Idris Abkar الشيخ ادريس أبكر
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