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Teachings of Shirk in the book Fazail Amaal of Tableeghi Jamaat: And most of them believe not in Allah except that they attribute partners to Him (ie they are Mushrikoon, ie polytheists). [Quran 012:106] Tableeghi Jamaat came into existence in the 1920s. It is a Deobandi Jamaat and they are Shia and Barelwi from inside. They insult Allaah, Kaba, Hazrat Muhammad (sas), Sahabah (ra) etc. to praise their auliya. Insult of Allaah in Fazail e Amaal: They claim to be allah (astaghfirullah), Zakaria Kandalvi writes: Yaa Allah, maaf farmana ki hazrat ke irshaad se tahreer hua hai, jhoota hun kuch nahin hun, tera hi zil hai, tera hi wajood hai, mein kya hun kuch nahin hun aur woh jo mein hoon woh tu hai aur mein aur tu khud shirk der shirk hai (Fazail e Amaal, Part 2, Fazail e Sadaqat, Part 2, Fasl 6, Explanation of Hadees 10, Page 407) Insult of Kaba in Fazail e Amaal: "And it has been reported from certain buzurgs that some people live in Khurasaan but are close to the ones who perform the Tawaaf. And yet there are some to whom the Ka'bah itself goes to visit them" (Fazail e Amaal, Part 2, Fazail e Hajj, Fasl 6, Explanation of Hadees 10, Page 88) Insult of Hazrat Muhammad (sas) in Fazail e Amaal: They listen Hadith from Allaah, no need of Hazrat Muhammad (sas), no need Jibrail (as) (astaghfirullah). "I once visited the mosque of the Prophet. I saw Imaam Abdur Razzaq Muhaddith and he was teaching ahadith. The crowd and I listened to the ahadith from him. In one corner of the...
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