MuslimByChoice - Tawheed or Trinity, Which is the Nature of God? ( Q&A Session - 2 of 2 )


What is Tawheed (Divine Unity)?Does Belief in the Trinity Necessitate Polytheism?Is Christianity monotheistic or polytheistic?Does the Trinity make sense?Representing the Muslim perspective was Imam Habib Ali; Imam Ali is from guinea, He is a graduate of the well known Deobandi Seminary in India with specialization in Hadiths ( the sayings of prophet Muhammad pbuh )Representing the Christian side was Rev. Tony Costa: Rev. Tony Costa has earned a B.A. and an M.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Toronto.He is currently a Ph.D candidate with the University of Pretoria.Tony has been a guest on various television programs such as 100 Huntley Street, the Michael Coren Live Show, the Arlene Bynon Show on Prime Time, and On The Line with Christine Williams.The Topic of Debate: Jesus in Christianity and Islam Which Account Is Historically Correct?Imam Habib Alivs.Tony Costa( Jamil Dar Convention Hall, Ontario, Canada, 2010 )
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