[Must watch] An amazing interview with our beloved Mohammad Al Aruzi



Ethiopia now needs determined heroes, such as His Excellency Mohammad al-Aruz. The logic behind Mohammed al-Arsi's remarkable response to a journalist's request is incredible.

The journalist, along with other panellists, invites our golden son Mohammed al-Arsi in Arabic and is asking a number of questions. It looks like a television conversation,

To be honest, it is a scene where the journalist and the panhandlers are on one side of Egypt together, and Al Aruz alone is arguing for Ethiopia.


"As al-Aussie my agent is telling you, the water (Abay) is given to everyone, not the private. But the Ethiopian government is telling the people that the water is only for Ethiopians.

"Yes, the Abyss belongs to everyone. Our government needs to provide evidence that the water does not say just Ethiopia. You've turned to me when you have to ask if there is evidence." "We are a country that contributes 86 percent to the Nile, which is a natural resource that God has given us," he said, "we have the full right to use the lower basin without damaging it."

Addis Mieraf
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