Najashi and Bilal Ethiopian symbols



Najashi and Bilal Ethiopian symbols Special program by beloved artist Faith Beyene In this video we look at how Emperor Nejashi and Sohabab Bilal, who have consistently supported the Muslims during the Ethiopian Muslim struggle Don't forget to watch it and watch it

Some people say, "Stop attacking our Orthodox people!" They want us to support it wholeheartedly. To this end, when the Muslim movement moved to uphold its rights five years ago, some of our sincere Christians (such as the faithful Beyoung) wanted to press on us, and to press on. Those righteous people deserve glory; Our gratitude is never too late for what they did at the time. The abuse of the priesthood is very worrying and distressing. No, it is unthinkable that our nation's church, as a Muslim, is the church and the Christian in every corner of the world because of his faith. .

However, the occasional lectures released by members of the Chapel Preachers and writers have been particularly prone to blame Muslims for church attacks. This is a disrespect to Ethiopian Muslims. It is also ignorant of Muslims. At this time, even the Muslim could not attack his own institution of faith, and he could not prevent the destruction of his own institutions. How many mosques were destroyed by extremist Christians in the Amhara region that hosted a parade. Mosques burned to the ground and robbed Muslims,

Even the bombing of the bungalow and the Muslims being dead and wounded, the mosques attempted to demolish Bahrain, Chagina and Dessie, the demolition of Gondar, are all sufficient evidence. When all this is happening, when the protesters march on the border, they still think about when we can negotiate. In the meantime, Muslims wish to provide support to those who oppose them.


Addis Mieraf
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