New One man comedy show by #KelemMedia


If the "joke" is on something we love, support, say, our "person," we can contend with our 168 facial muscles. We whine. If the "joke" is something we hate, oppose, say "other", if it is on a person or idea, then we get it under the hood, we do it, and so on. Try to enjoy it and forget your miserable life for a while! It's just humor, for goodness again! People who are "joking" may not know that you were created, but if you get the chance to do so, they will despise or despise you!


They enjoy, meditate, and learn about comedy, economics, politics, community ideas, etc. through comedy. But I think that in our country the word "comedians" that I have seen on different occasions and times would describe them. Like Russell Peters, we don't have much "comedy" than Axis. As a child, we laughed at our hopeful revenge jokes. In fact, after I got up, I realized that the only hope I could find was that some of the jokes were socio-economic slogans. In one of my "jokes", the story tells us about a woman who was going to buy eggs. The woman whose eggs are valued at the old price will ask the shopkeeper why the egg is worth while not insisting that it is not damaged. The shopkeeper tells them that he likes fuel.
Is this the woman who said, "Did Ajup drop the egg?" They say it. This is not only a joke, but also a serious criticism of a situation in which the government does not give a reason for the absence of a major problem. I believe the club is the best comedian of our country. It is his work, "The Soundpiece," which I believe is the masterpiece of the circle, which is better than himself and other comedies in our country. I think he made our country very clear. 
Addis Mieraf
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