Ramzi Nuri Ahmed responded to Questions raised by #fendisha


Listen to me! We heard that she was giving birth to a sixty-five-year-old woman, and now a fourteen-year-old man is said to have recovered from Corana! what do you mean! Is it the old election board that counts the media on the media? A woman is not sixty years of age to see menstruation. She needs some sunglasses to see the sunflower! A suburb has considered the woman a miracle and has won a prize! I wouldn't be surprised if she is considered a miracle, since she is the first woman to speak of her age!
First he was called a fourteen year old rich man! Ask me! Where has this person been to this day? : By the way, I'm not saying you didn't like it;

This person has seen less than six governments! Carmel Salt has traded up to atm! If I receive a lottery, Let this man give me blood! In the meantime, I am watching the development of the city of Adisaba! I think it's great! One of my favorite “riches,” is Bunaubwa, where I draw water! The man who invented this machine told me:

Addis Mieraf
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