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Unlock the Bukhari Code - ENROL NOW: Collector's Edition - Shahrh Sahih Bukhari Birmingham University November 2010 Pack your bags for a journey through time, to the rich lands of Egypt, Syria, Basra, and Baghdad. Let us sojourn with the Muhaddith: IMAM BUKHARI Struck with blindness at an early age, a veil dropped over the eyes of Muhammad ibn Isma'il (Imam Bukhari). Through the persistent dua'as of his pious mother, one morning he woke up to find glimmers of light enrapturing his eyes. The veil vanished, Allah the Almighty restored his eyesight, and made his eyes the etching stone on which the truth was to be carved. AlMaghrib Institute is the largest islamic sciences student body in the western world, Alhamdulilah! Featuring A-List instructors from around the Islamic world; Muhammad Alshareef, Yasir Qadhi, Yaser Birjas, Abdullah Hakim Quick, Mohammed Faqih, AbdulBary Yahya, Waleed Basyouni, Riad Ouarzazi, Said Rageah, Suhaib Webb, Navaid Aziz, Dr. Reda Bedeir, Abu Eesa Niamatullah and many more. United Kingdom (UK) locations: Birmingham, London, Bradford, Manchester&Edinburgh To study overseas is indeed a very enriching experience, but not everyone is blessed with such an opportunity. Our hectic schedules often sideline our in-depth study of Islam. It is for this reason that AlMaghrib Institute was established, and has dedicated itself to providing courses on Islam in a six-day, two weekend, intensive seminar format. These trademark double-weekend...
Dr. Zakir Naik
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