Two Kuwaiti men arrested after attack on Egyptian worker

فيديو متداول : مراهقون يوثقون بالفيديو مشاجرتهم مع وافد يعمل باحد محلات الالعاب في الفحيحيل .#عوازم_الاولي #تشاوريه_شمر#الدايره_الرابعه pic.twitter.com/TBprgAjD3m— تفتيش الكويت ???????? (@TfTeeeSH) September 5, 2020



Two Kuwaiti nationals have been arrested in Cairo after an Egyptian shopkeeper was beaten and the video was posted on social media.

Egypt's immigration ministry said on Sunday that the two men had been arrested and that the victim had been attacked at work.

The footage was taken by the attackers and showed the workers beating up on a floor in Fahahel, south of Kuwait, in a toy store.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that it "does not include all the details of the incident."

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