khalifahklothing - How To Face The Tests Of Life? - The Deen Show With Sh. Ibrahim Zidan


In this episode of The Deen Show Ibrahim Zidan explains how one should react if he/she is afflicted with a trial.Key Points of This Video: Introduction [start time 00:00] God has sent clear guidance [start time 04:50] God created life&death because of test [start time 06:22] What is the purpose of this test? [start time 09:51] Do these test strengthen the faith? [start time 13:44] Something you dislike may turn out to be good for you [start time 15:43] Patience is at the time the calamity strikes [start time 23:45] Conclusion [start time 25:41] For more Shows visit Help get the word out about the new film "Dunya to Deen" the Story about how Eddie host of TheDeenShow came to Islam. Get people to join DUNYA to DEEN's new Face book page All shows can be watched at Share TheDeenShow on your facebook,blogs,websites,email contacts. Do your part today! TheDeenShow on DVD
English Da'awa
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