The Bird recite Holy Book ! "Quran"



"In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful"
This parrot can recite verses from the Quran and it's mashallah
"It took a long time to train him, we started with a few words at first, then full sentences and eventually decided to teach him to recite verses from the Holy Quran." A video of a parrot reciting verses from the Holy Quran went viral on social media across the Arab world on Thursday.
"Mashallah his voice is incredible... I teared up."
People are now sharing videos of other birds reciting Quranic versesthe bird who's been dubbed "miracle parrot," was trained by Jordanian Hussain Al Sawalme, a technician at a dental lab and bona fide bird lover.

In a statement to Reuters, Sawalme explained he took the parrot in six years ago and has been training him since.
The Bird Recite - the Holy Book | "Quran"
BEAUTIFUL QURAN RECITATION by Hazza Al Balushi - AMAZING RECITATION -SURAH An-Nahl ...Mashallah it looks like you trained your bird ..Mashallah it looks like you trained your bird ..Parrot Reciting Quran Beautiful Parrot reciting verses of Holy Quran, Masha ALLAH, Subhan ALLAH, ALLAH hu Akbar....

How Parrot Recites the Holy Quran ... SUBHAN ALLAH
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African grey parrot recites from the holy Quran.
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Parrot " Recite" the " Holy Quran " .
Parrot Reciting Quran Rare to watch
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Parrot Recite the Holy Book Quran, The Holy Book




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