A New Day Has Come!!!we fear no one except Allah

Today (April 12/2012) the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia spoke about our problem. Even though he tried to cheat his parliament by drawing a line between "Sufiyya" and "Wahabiyya", he indirectly admitted that the government has intervened in our religious affairs. He believed "Ahbash" is a version of Islam which the government wants. On the other hand, he undermined our questions by bringing a clumsy statistics. He said "Those who protest against the Ahbashism campaign are the Wahhabiyya who account only for 2 % of the total Muslims of the country". He interpreted our requests as a mere question of the leadership of Majlis. May brothers and sisters: All things became clear. Ahbashism is sponsored by the state. The target is not eradicate "Wahhabiyya" and strengthen "Sufiyya" as the prime minister claimed. Their demand is to weaken Islam itself. They are going to create a big chaos among Muslims. So we should expose the illegitimate act the government all over the world as much as we can. We should appeal to all Muslims of the world to help us. We should present our case to all Human rights groups we know. We should tell the conspiracy against Ethiopian Muslims to all media, press and internet networks we know. Let us intensify our peaceful struggle. Call all of our friends to the peaceful protest of Aweliya. We our Muslims. Our forefathers endured severe prosecutions for more than 8 centuries. We will follow their footstep. We don't step down our beliefs for simple fitna of Ahbash. Even though we respect the law, we don't compromise in our religious msatters. We won't fear any one except Allah. We protect Islam at anytime. Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakil Allahu Akbar!! (P.S. Please share this post as much as you can. Jazakumulllah)
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