Top Secret Dcouments mejlis's role in Arart-Kilo mosques demolition

Elias Redman justifies the demolition of the Arart-Kilo mosques which angered Muslims followed by peaceful demonstration,accusing the Muslims chanting against Meles Zenawi during the protest! He also claims that he secured and alternative peace of land to contain the anger. C) Sheikh Elias discussed the recent unrest in Addis Ababa sparked by the destruction of a mosque in the central area of Arat Kilo (reftel), saying what was reported in newspapers was only partially correct. He explained the property on which the mosque was to be constructed was purchased by an individual who received money from a Saudi NGO (an NGO is not legally able to purchase property) at Arat Kilo. The property had contained a residence and a building permit was granted to renovate the house. Regardless, the new owner proceeded to illegally build a mosque and fence around the original structure, which led to city officials demolishing the newly built mosque. This resulted in large scale demonstrations in Addis Ababa on three consecutive Fridays. The largest clash took place on August 11, for which police were called, resulting in a clash between rock-throwing Muslim protestors and police. (NOTE: Only minor injuries and no deaths were reported in this demonstration. END NOTE) The Sheikh reported that, prior to the break-up of the demonstration, some protestors were calling for PM Meles Zenawi to step down and for the establishment of an Islamic government. (C) Sheikh Elias met with Addis Ababa Mayor Berhanu Deressa to diffuse the issue. The mayor agreed to grant the EIASC a larger tract of empty land on which to build a mosque near Addis Ababa University, not far from the original site. The Sheikh called for the community to relinquish the property at Arat Kilo and to focus efforts towards building a new mosque. The Sheikh reported that hardliners criticized and blamed the EIASC for the destruction of the mosque. Nevertheless, the Sheikh said that the wider Muslim community was satisfied with the new grant of land and there have been no reports of demonstrations since. FULL DOCUMENT HER
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