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LifewithAllah - Response Who Was Nasiruddin Albani Salafi? 1 Hanafi Fiqh Channel

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Added by Ahmity in English Da'awa


MUST READ RESPONSE IN THE ARTICLES BELOW full fledged response to Hanafi fiqh Channel: Intro: part 1: part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 part 10 Almost all the work seen in this video are from Brother Raza Hassan. And you can read the remaining response in his full fledged response to Limbada and hanafi fiqh Channel. The Hanafi fiqh Channel has again shown that they are the Enemies of Sunnah and Ahlul Sunnah that invite people to Pure Quran and Sunnah instead of blind following and preferance of madhab over the Sunnah of Rasool Allah Sal Allahu aleyhi wasallam. Their worthless scholar attacked one of the Best and most respected Scholars of this Ummah Sheikh Nasiruddin Albani. This video is a direct response to Limbada and the hanafi fiqh channel. The baatils from deoband can never reach the dust of the feet of Albani and they only hit the hammer on their foot and dig their own graves when they attack the best Ahlul hadeeth scholars. Albani rahimahullah is hated and loved (both) by the hanafis but unfortunately the haters only hate him because he was Ahlul hadeeth. He was a former blind follower and he Broke the Back of Blind following and Asking the Dead for help (both these aqeedahs are of Sufis Deobandi and barelvis). Abdur Raheem Abu Nauman Limbada should repent to...

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