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Egypt's irrigation minister said today that filling the dam would cause Egypt to suffer from drought

Egypt's irrigation minister Mohammad Abdul Atty said today that if the Renaissance Dam is full, Egypt will have to go through difficult times every day. And its industries are hit by drought. Therefore, he stressed that Ethiopia should start negotiations with Ethiopia before the dam is full.

Egypt's Foreign Minister for his part said that any individual decision on the dam will lead to serious problems. The dam was meant to be full of water, which had recently been threatened with threats. We told the ABC Channel: “We are doing everything we can to reach a final agreement on the Renaissance Dam negotiations.

"We have not had the opportunity yet," he said. "We have not had the opportunity yet to meet the legal and technical issues." .

If Egypt were similarly hit by the same drought at that time, the problem would be doubled and Egypt would be in serious trouble. And there is no way Ethiopia can help Egypt in such a crisis, ”the minister said.

Speaking about the use of the dam: “We have heard that without the technical agreement on the dam, Ethiopia plans to use 80% of the dam for electricity generation. We are not able to reach an agreement, ”the foreign minister said. Filling the dam is hazardous to the Egyptian industry. ” Speaking about the return to negotiation, he said: “We did not see a willingness to reach an agreement. Even if we do not reach agreement, we are unlikely to return to disputes if we do not set guidelines that govern this agreement. ”

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